On the bright side, it’s cozy, and it’s made me even more grateful for the flowers I’m able to source through Terrain (and my local Whole Foods and Kroger grocery store too). As cheesy as it is, they really do brighten my mood. If you’re feeling down or in need of an energy boost, buy yourself some flowers!

问题:I am not the biggest fan of house plants, but I know so many people LOVE them. What are your favorites? I’m thinking about getting a fig tree!

Speaking of the spring snow, it’s made me really start to consider spending the later winter and spring months (say March through June or July) in a warmer climate. My brothers live in southern, CA so a place near them would be ideal and probably most convenient. But really, I can go anywhere I’d like. I’ve considered looking into the southern states like Charleston, SC because their spring looks absolutely beautiful with all the blooming flowers. I might be in the dreaming stages at the moment, but this is really something I’m thinking about for next year and maybe even for a few months over the summer.

I’m lucky in the way that I really have nothing stopping me from picking up and taking off for a few months at a time. I can really work anywhere with a decent kitchen and internet. I’m thinking I should take advantage of this time while I can, I know it won’t always be this way. Again, at this point, I’m only at the dreaming stage. It would be tricky because I’d have to pack up and take a lot of my photography props with me. And I’d need to find some new help in the kitchen (my dad is my right hand and always has been). But I’m reasoning that these are all things that could be worked out!

问题:within the US what’s your favorite place to be in the spring and summer?

Moving along, this week was busy with non-stop back-to-back cooking, photographing, and filming. Between testing and filming recipes for the blog, and working on an upcoming project, there waslots烹饪。拍摄和拍摄的较暗下午一直很棘手,但我正试图让他们工作!我在本周分享了一些食谱,最终成为我的一些最喜欢的春天。我总是发现它是我最忙于我创造我最喜欢的食谱的时候。他们通常很容易,但又有趣和美味。我最喜欢的是星期二魔法饼干, 星期四蜂蜜大蒜鸡那Monday’s柠檬鸡肉串,然后星期五的关键柠檬馅饼栏也!老实说,我真的很喜欢这一点One Pot Penne Alfredo我也分享了。这只是一个非常好的一周的食物!


让我们看看,还有什么?!嗯,我的父母周二前往亚利桑那州斯科茨代尔,以便asher的春假。他们只是预订了他们的酒店和weather forecast看起来很完美......所以我只是有点嫉妒。一旦我包装这个项目,我们就在月底工作,也许我可以说服每个人都在温暖的地方度过一个周末。我想念佛罗里达念头!

Ok, and lastly, I just have a question. Does anyone else spend time late at night online shopping? Adding things to a cart, and then not checking out? I’ve been doing that so much lately and have really been loving some of the spring fashions. But I keep adding things to my cart and then they sell out before I pull the trigger…and then I want them even more!

Is anyone else crazy like me? I shared a few of the items I had in my cart below. Both the pricy and then the affordable pieces to match!

Coming up this week on HBH, I’m excited to be sharing a few Mexican-inspired recipes withCinco de Mayo.是5月5日。一个新的新鲜的自制的童年经典。我们将以一个简单的甜蜜蛋糕结束一周,这不像我以前分享的任何其他蛋糕。我迫不及待地想分享它们!PS。如果您正在寻找任何乐趣的墨西哥食谱,我们将它们整合在一起herefor easy access!

问题:What’s one thing you guys are either cooking and or baking today? I love when you guys share your Sunday recipes with me onInstagram.。我很高兴看到你本周的内容!

1。Things I’m Loving, Wanting, and Excited to Try…

看......金的重量on HBO. This follows Olympic athletes after they’ve won gold, so we found it especially interesting.

爱......se fun pieces from Machete. TheChunky Hoops in Gold with Poppy CharmKate Hoops in PoppyMidi平方箍在乌龟检查那和Muse Hoops in Canyon Brown。And then thisMidi雷子爪爪在海壳棋号是我的最爱。

ordered…thissweatshirt in mauve我喜欢柔和的紫色和按钮细节。这也很舒服!此外,只需订购此毛衣那which looks perfect for spring/summer days. Thinking about this套衫from Zara too.

listening to…Carly Stein Of Beekeeper’s Naturalson The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast. I’ve always been such a fan of honey, but now I’m even more so after listening to this. Loved learning more about Beekeeper’s Naturals product and all the benefits.

ordered…thisred light therapy mask。I finally added this to my Violet Grey order after so many of you commented on how beneficial you’ve found these masks to be. I cannot wait for it to get here this week. I’ve been reading so much about how incredible red light therapy is not only for the skin but also for helping to calm anxiety. It’s a big investment, so I’ll keep you updated on how I’m liking it.


ordered….new spring candles. I’m swapping out my cozier scents for some spring florals. I’m excited about the newpurple kush(with notes of violets) andItalian kush(意大利夏天的味道)来自男孩的味道。我喜欢新的气味Diptyque Miami蜡烛也......不能等到它到达。哦,和Fleur FantômeBohemiaByredo的蜡烛都在我的Nordstrom推车中。气味尤其是辛辣的声音。

爱......这意大利双向复古高脚杯from Food 52. They’re kind of expensive, but I love them for summer drinks. Should I order?

2。My favorite 30 Minutes or Less Recipes.

3.0.Minute Creamy Thai Turmeric Chicken and Noodles | halfbakedharvest.com

3.0.Minute Creamy Thai Turmeric Chicken and Noodles





20分钟orzo carbonarawith Crispy Prosciutto and Burrata | halfbakedharvest.com

20分钟orzo carbonara

周末粘稠姜芝麻鸡肉丸子|halfbaked万博苹果下载harvest.com #easyrecipe #chickenmeatballs #healthy

Weeknight Sticky Ginger Sesame Chicken Meatballs

20.Minute Lemon Butter Pasta with Ricotta and Spicy Breadcrumbs | halfbakedharvest.com

20.Minute Lemon Butter Pasta with Ricotta and Spicy Breadcrumbs





- 答:最大一部分你在IG上看到的一切都是非常实时的!我希望我更加组织和计划,但是当我很高兴分享我想要分享的东西时。也就是说,我有时有食谱我也提前赚了几天,这只是取决于一周!但主要是,他们是实时制作的。

q: Staub versus Le Creuset skillet? Deciding which one for my registry!
a: I think we all know I love myStaub系列。It’s really all I cook with.

答:是的!第二我的头碰到枕头我。Or a lot of times when I come home from cooking or working on the computer all day, I’ll be dead tired and crash. But I think my energy drive mainly comes from the excitement of working towards a bigger goal. I love getting to build HBH daily, it’s sooo exciting right now!

q: what’s your zodiac sign? Does it align with your personality?
a: I’m a Virgo, and yes, I’m a true Virgo to the T.

q: are you serious about moving to California?
a: lots of questions about moving to CA! I mean, yes and no. It was really just a thought, but I would love to spend more time there in the late winter/spring when the weather here isn’t so nice here…so split time would be ideal!

q: could you please do a risotto recipe?
a: I just shared my没有搅拌烩饭the other day on Instagram. It’s such an easy, delicious recipe!

q: what was the scariest part of starting your own business?

q: would you like to marry and have children someday or are you content staying single?

q: how do you rim a glass when it says to use agave nectar?


q: do you test your recipe before you film them for IG?


q: one kitchen item worth the splurge?
a: a good knife set!! I love myzwilling kramer刀

5.。Surprise…More Baby Goats!

If you read the favorites post from acouple of Sundays ago,那么你知道我们惊讶的宝贝山羊,蠕动!这些天他做了惊人,非常生心......

But guess what?! We now have two more babies to add to the family. Layla had her babies this past week and delivered the three cutest little kids like a pro. Sadly one of them didn’t make it, which is always hard. But we’re thankful that the other two are doing well!

My dad and Asher are currently bottle-feeding them to make sure they’re getting enough milk, so it’s especially cute to watch. Here are some photos!



Pinterest.通过Lauren Conrad.com)


Tour Naomi Campbell’s Sprawling Kenyan Escape…哦我想这里度假,那么漂亮nd relaxing.

The Case Of The Kitchen Island…love these vintage island ideas.

Take a Look at the 7 Biggest Hotel Pools in America......必须访问它们。哇。

在他们无聊的时候,29件有趣的事情要做…some fun ideas if you need them!


20.Movies About Siblings to Watch With Yours......所有的感觉良好的电影和一些良好的回归!

I Credit This One Product With Helping Me Look Younger......我也一直在使用视网膜,并爱它。

Instagram上的5个最酷的春季发型…very into the braided front pieces and I love that it’s totally something I can achieve!


Spring H&M finds for women…thisswimsuit,以及这个cotton tee, 还有这些凉鞋are in my cart.

Everything You Need to Know About Pricing Your Services…if you’re working for yourself, read this.

Inside Pharrell & David Grutman’s Goodtime Hotel In Miami Beach......我上周链接到这个,但这是视频之旅,看起来非常好!


Beet and Strawberry Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing......喜欢这个春天。听起来很棒!


9. This Week’s Dinners + Weekend Eats…


Crockpot Carne Asada炸玉米饼用香菜石灰大蒜酱|halfbaked万博苹果下载harvest.com

周二:Crockpot Carne Asada炸玉米饼用香菜石灰大蒜酱

Artichoke and Broccoli Pesto Brie Panini with Thyme Honey | halfbakedharvest.com

周三:Artichoke and Broccoli Pesto Brie Panini with Thyme Honey



一个锅奶油penne alfredo与辛辣芝麻菜|halfbaked万博苹果下载harvest.com

星期五:一个锅奶油penne alfredo用辛辣芝麻菜



Magic Chocolate Chip Cookies | halfbakedharvest.com

Sunday:Magic Chocolate Chip Cookies

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